The house with a clock in its wall

10-year-old Lewis Barnavelt is sent to Michigan to live with his uncle, Jonathan Barnavelt, after the loss of his parents. Lewis discovers his uncle is a warlock and follows him into the world of sorcery and magic. Meanwhile, evil wizard Isaac Izard aims to bring the Apocalypse upon the world by creating a magical clock filled with black magic. Before his passing, he manages to hide it inside the walls of the house Jonathan currently lives in. Now Lewis and his uncle must find the clock and stop the end of the world. 一名10岁男孩路易斯搬去和叔叔住在一间摇摇欲坠并发出神秘滴答声响的老屋子。他不小心唤醒亡灵,让沉睡的城镇建筑摇身一变为巫师的隐秘世界。

106 Minutes

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