Mortal Engines

Millennia after the "Sixty Minute War", a cataclysmic event that destroyed much of planet Earth, cities survive the now-desolate planet by roaming the globe on huge wheels, battling each other and devouring smaller traction towns for resources. Tom Natsworthy, a low-class citizen of the moving city of London, fights for survival after encountering the fugitive Hester Shaw. The two then forge an unlikely alliance which just may change the future. 故事设定于未来,核战毁掉多数人类社会文明的几千年之后。人们适应并发展出了新的生活方式,几乎不剩下什么资源了,城市也可以移动,以便搜寻废土,互相争斗。Tom Natsworthy来自伦敦城的下层,在遇到危险的逃犯Hester Shaw之后,需要为自己的生存做斗争。两条本不应该有交集的道路在此交汇,组成了让人预想不到的联盟,注定了要改变未来的轨迹。

129 Minutes
Science Fiction

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