Enter The Fat Dragon

Yen plays a great fighter who, due to emotional issues, has become overweight. However, this does not hinder his martial arts prowess, which eventually leads to him having an unlikely career in the crime fighting world. 朱福龙本是破案率超高的模范警察,但未婚妻可儿悔婚,让他大受打击而自暴自弃,靠狂吃排解情伤,半年爆肥到100公斤。长官只好派他做押送犯人到日本的简单工作,但他还是搞得一团混乱,犯人逃脱更离奇死亡,幸好遇到潇洒哥协助,让他力图奋作并查明真相,但事件却愈滚愈大,身在异乡的他要如何力抗犯罪集团?

100 Minutes

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