Mojin the worm valley

Hu Bayi teams up with Mojin Six to enter the Tomb of Emperor Xian in Yunnan province. The tomb is located on a treacherous island that is full of ancient monsters, including an ancient undying worm. They also face other dangers in the form of fishes with teeth sharp as knives and dead humans with toxic worms living inside their bodies. Still, the group has to fight their way through because the tomb holds the key element that is needed to break the Ghost Eye curse, Phoenix Eye. 胡八一等人由于之前探险,身上出现了眼球印记,这印记带着诅咒,会危及众人性命,传闻雮尘珠能解开诅咒,而它曾经作为陪葬品安放在古滇国献王的陵墓中,胡八一等人只能深入瘴疠之地,再探古墓奇险。胡八一、王胖子、Shirley杨等人穿过遮龙山下古滇国秘密地下水道,不料遭遇千年痋术机关,成千上万个奴隶制成的“痋俑”像炸弹一样倒悬在洞顶。深入丛林之中,更是不断遭遇重重考验,但唯有冲破障碍取得雮尘珠,才能破解众人身上的诅咒…… 终于,在历经层层凶险,众人终于来到献王墓入口,然而更大的挑战也接踵而至……

111 Minutes

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