Robin Hood

Famed for robbing the rich to give back to the poor, a war-hardened crusader called Robin Hood teams up with a Moorish commander to revolt against the corrupt English crown in this gritty take of the classic tale. 罗宾汉跟随英王查理的军队对抗法国,可战争结束,他从战场返回家乡诺丁汉的时候,发现这里早已被沉重的赋税、腐败的官员压垮。同时,他遇到了美丽的玛丽安,为了赢得美人以及安居乐业,罗宾汉聚集起一干受压迫的民众开始了他漫长的反抗之旅。

116 Minutes

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