Kungfu Monster

In the Ming dynasty during the Wanli Emperor's reign, several monsters have escaped from the royal palace. Sun Yehe, supervisor of the Eastern Depot, is ordered to capture them. At the same time, a militia warrior is plotting a silver robbery with his martial arts junior and a female warrior. They gather the forest fighters to rob the corrupt officials but the silver goes missing, just as a wanted criminal and a wanderer appear. While all this unfolds, they are unaware that monsters are watching them 屈服?反转?逆套路?这是一个超乎你想象的武林爆笑故事!东厂悬赏价值三万两的奶凶怪兽,让各方异士垂涎不已。一波杂烩大侠们临时组队,做起了一夜暴富的白日梦,古天乐郭碧婷貌合神离、陈学冬欺软怕硬、周冬雨威逼利诱、潘斌龙孔连顺颜值狙击,各路大侠花样百出!到底谁能走向人生巅峰呢?

104 Minutes

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