An ancient wizard bestows 14-year-old Billy the power to transform into an adult superhero. All the boy has to do is say the wizard's name "Shazam!" and he is granted the powers of six ancient heroes. Solomon gives him wisdom, Hercules gives him strength, Atlas gives him stamina, Zeus gives him power, Achilles gives him courage and Mercury gives him speed. Billy is elated by his superpowers at first but soon finds it might be too much to handle when he has to step up and battle the evil Doctor Sivana. 年轻的比利贝特森发现他获得神秘巫师沙赞的能力,每当他喊出「沙赞」,就能获得六位古代英雄的能力,拥有所罗门王的智慧,海格力斯的力气,泰坦神族阿特拉斯的耐力与宙斯操纵雷电的神威,阿基里斯的勇气,赫尔墨斯的速度。但他需要尽快掌握这些力量,以对抗塞迪斯·希瓦纳博士控制的邪恶势力。

132 Minutes

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