Jumanji : The Next Level

Bethany, Martha and Fridge re-enter the game "Jumanji" after discovering that Spencer has been sucked back into it. When Spencer's friend, Milo, and grandfather, Eddie, hear the commotion, they check up on it and end up being unwittingly dragged into the game too. In the game world, the gang realises that the game has changed, even their avatars are jumbled up now. Nothing is what they expect. They will have to brave unexplored arid deserts to snowy mountains to make their way out of the world's most dangerous game. 四名玩家再次穿越回到险象环生的游戏中,打怪闯关拯救世界。而与上次不同的是,变身大块头“勇石博士”的是斯宾塞的爷爷,高大威猛的福基变成了中年发福地质学家,而斯宾塞爷爷的好朋友则变身为迷你龟速行李手,学霸玛莎依旧化身成为热辣打女 ,而主角斯宾塞和万人迷贝瑟尼却不知所踪。四人惊魂 未定就发现身陷巨大的危机。他们必须利用自身技能并肩作战,摆脱各类猛兽的恐怖袭击和恶势力的夺命追逐,才能拯救他们消失的同伴,赢得游戏重返现实。

123 Minutes

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