Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy

A police gangs information unlocked from the deep web has brought the police into an unprecedented panic. In order to protect the evidence, the police officer Cheng Hao was in crisis, and his master Ye Zhifan and his brother Jing Jinxian also made a bad relationship. Within the police, it is difficult to determine who is the enemy and who is the friend. As the investigation deepens, a terrorist organization that has been hidden behind the scenes for years gradually emerges to the surface, as well as a childhood memories hidden a shocking secret. 一份暗网解锁的黑警信息,令警界陷入前所未有的恐慌。为保护证据,警司程滔陷入危机,其师父叶志帆与兄弟井进贤亦因此交恶。警界内部敌友难分。随着调查深入,一个多年来隐于幕后的恐怖组织渐渐浮出水面,以及一段儿时尘封的回忆引出隐藏着的惊天秘密。

98 Minutes

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