Dora and The Lost City of Gold

Dora might be used to exploring jungle but she now has to deal with a new environment: high school. She soon makes a new group of friends and together with them, along with her monkey Boots and cousin Diego, she falls into an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery of a lost Inca civilization. 朵拉一生中大部分时间都在和父母一起探索丛林,却没有什么能让朵拉为她最危险的冒险 - 高中生活做准备。身为探险家,朵拉将带领着布兹,迪亚哥,一个神秘的丛林居民,还有一群青少年共同参与一场真人实景的冒险旅程。拯救她父母亲的同时,还要解开失落的黄金城谜团。

103 Minutes

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