IT Chapter 2 - IMAX

27 years have passed since the events of summer 1989. The Losers' Club are all grown up and have moved out of Derry, Maine. But a phone call brings them back to the town as the evil It has returned. They reunite to fulfil their childhood promise of taking It down once and for all, unaware that It is now stronger and has been waiting for their return. 27年后,鲁蛇俱乐部成员长大并陆续搬离了德利小镇,直到他们接到一通不详的电话响起,将他们纷纷召回德利小镇,赫然发现小丑潘尼怀斯并没有被消灭,它在27年后又回来了,正如同这个小镇的历史,每27年邪恶力量就会再度苏醒。于是各奔东西的鲁蛇们在阔别了多年之后,再度回到这个让他们充满梦靥的故乡,一同勇敢面对小丑潘尼怀斯。

171 Minutes

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