I Not Stupid 3

Another Singapore Biggest Movie Franchise is Back! Zi Hao, a Chinese Primary 6 student in Singapore, faces academic pressure when his classmate Jayden frames him for cheating to maintain his top-ranking status. Meanwhile, Zi Hao's mother, Wen Ting, is falsely accused of illegal work by Jayden's competitive mother, Sophia. Amidst the turmoil, the two mothers realise the toll on their sons and unite to prioritise their well-being over grades, fostering reconciliation.另一部新加坡最大的电影系列回归了!在新加坡的中国小学六年级生子豪面对学业压力时,他的同学杰登为了保持自己的排名而诬陷他作弊。与此同时,子豪的母亲文婷被杰登竞争对手的母亲索菲娅错误地指控非法工作。在动荡中,两位母亲意识到对儿子的影响,并团结起来,将他们的福祉置于成绩之上,促进了和解。

133 Minutes