Negotiation expert Cheuk Man Wai (starring Sean Lau ) was framed as the mastermind of a murder and corruption case. In order to find out the truth and prove his innocence, he risked his life to make a scene in the police station and kidnapped the police, in order to negotiate with another negotiation expert Tse Ka Chun (starring Francis Ng). Under the violent attack deployed by the police, Cheuk Man Wai, on the one hand, fought hard to resist, and on the other hand, fought wits with Tse Ka Chun to dismantle the huge conspiracy behind the corruption case! 谈判专家卓文伟(刘青云饰)被陷害成为杀警及贪污案主脑,为查出真相自证清白,铤而走险大闹警局并绑架警察,务求与另一谈判专家谢家俊(吴镇宇饰)进行谈判。在警方部署的武力强攻下,卓文伟一方面奋力抵抗,另一方面与谢家俊斗智斡旋,拆解贪污案背后的莫大阴谋!

121 Minutes