Customs Frontline

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department officers Chow Ching-lai (Nicholas TSE) and Cheung Wan-nam (Jacky CHEUNG) share a close mentor-student relationship. On a case involving seized smuggled arms, Ching-lai is sent to take part in a joint operation with Interpol to capture a reclusive arms dealer. However, Wan-nam makes a drastic decision that complicates the case even further. 香港海关及税务局的官员周靖黎(谢霆锋饰)和张云楠(张学友饰)之间有着紧密的师徒关系。在一宗涉及走私军火的案件中,靖黎被派遣参与与国际刑警组织的联合行动,目标是抓捕一名隐秘的军火商。然而,云楠做出了一个惊人的决定,使案件变得更加复杂。

116 Minutes