Cheah Liek Hou is a prodigious badminton player who has attained an undefeated record through his exceptional skills. However, during the peak of his career, he discovers that he is afflicted with brachial plexus paralysis. Undeterred by this setback, Liek Hou joins the ranks of disabled badminton players and, with the spirit of an athlete, emerges victorious in the world championship. But, tragically, he loses his father, who had been a steadfast pillar of support throughout his life. Faced with this monumental loss, Liek Hou is forced to confront the challenges of life head-on. When the Paralympic Games announce the inclusion of badminton as a sport, Liek Hao rises to the occasion, aided by the legendary badminton player Rashid Sidek, who serves as his coach. With Sidek’s guidance, Liek Hou sheds 20 kilograms and overcomes numerous hurdles to triumph in the Paralympic Games, ultimately winning the coveted gold medal and etching an important historical moment for Malaysia. 谢儮好是一位才华横溢的羽毛球运动员,他凭借卓越的技巧创造了不败的记录。然而,在他职业生涯的巅峰时期,他发现自己患上了臂丛神经麻痹。尽管遭遇这一挫折,儮好加入了残疾羽毛球运动员的行列,并以运动员的精神,在世界锦标赛中获得胜利。但不幸的是,他失去了作为他一生中坚定支柱的父亲。面对这一巨大的失落,儮好被迫直面生活的挑战。 当残奥会宣布羽毛球成为比赛项目时,儮好挺身而出,得到了传奇羽毛球运动员Rashid Sidek的指导,后者担任他的教练。在Rashid Sidek的指导下,儮好减掉了20公斤体重,克服了无数障碍,最终在残奥会中赢得了梦寐以求的金牌,为马来西亚刻画了重要的历史时刻。

126 Minutes