Walk With Me

With her father being a drug addict and her elderly mother a busy nurse, a young woman lives a lonely existence in a loveless family. She starts seeing a little girl in braids following her around, after one of the tenants at her rented place gets attacked by the spirits he keeps and moves out. She is also often bullied by her manager at work and her father at home. Having no one to turn to, she resorts to asking a strange doll for help dealing with her bullies. When they end up killed in strange ways, she fears that the doll might be responsible. 当一个人的身体里住了两个极端的灵魂,到底会造成怎样的结果?   马宥心自小得不到父母的关爱,她在上班的制衣工厂里受尽其他工友欺凌却不敢反抗,又常感到有一个束著“孖辨”的小女孩跟

92 Minutes

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