Jade Dynasty

When he was a young boy, Zhang`s village is massacred, leaving him among the only few survivors. He is taken in and raised by the Qing Yun Faction as one of their own. Now, as a young man, he seeks revenge after finding out the truth behind his parents` death. 草庙村被屠,少年张小凡双亲离世,被青云门大竹峰收留。机缘巧合之下,他习得佛门天音功法,又意外获得魔教法器烧火棍,踏上强者之路的同时,也让他陷入了巨大的危机。至魔法器的现世,与陆雪琪、碧瑶、田灵儿三个女生间命运的交错,都让他原本单纯的人生轨迹充满变数。一个勇者驳斥命运的传奇之旅就此展开......

101 Minutes

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