A Witness Out Of The Blue

A man is found dead inside an apartment with a strange noise, "Help! Help!" next to the body. Detective Larry Lam arrives at the scene with Detective Charmaine and his commanding officer Yip Sau Ching. Yip Sau Ching is convinced the deceased, Homer Tsui is killed by his partner in crime, Sean Wong when they had a fight over how to divvy up the loot from an armed robbery 3 months ago. But Larry soon finds out the case is more complicated than they imagine and not only Sean but there are also other suspects. Frank’s only hope in cracking the case lies in the not-so-human sole witness left at the scene of the crime – a parrot which can talk. 一名珠宝劫匪伏尸工厦单位内,所有赃物不翼而飞,警方断定是群匪分赃不均,嫌疑最大的是匪帮首领汪新元。警官叶守正率领警员林法梁及少梅展开调查,确定与三个月前的「利新珠宝劫案」有关,随着其他劫匪相继遇害,林法梁逐渐发现案中有案,能够解开「谁是凶手」这道谜题的,就只有当日在犯罪现场目击凶案的唯一活口:一只会说话的鹦鹉。

104 Minutes

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