Birds Of Prey - IMAX

Following Batman's disappearance, Gotham City is left unprotected. It is now up to Harley Quinn, who has split up with the Joker, to protect Cassandra Cain when the young girl gets into trouble after finding a diamond that belongs to crime lord Black Mask. Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya team up with Harley to help protect Cassandra. 自从蝙蝠侠消失后, 高谭市无人守护。与小丑分手后,哈雷·奎因和黑金丝雀、女猎手以及蕾妮·蒙托亚 联手保护Cassandra。她因偶然获得了高谭市犯罪首领黑面具的钻石而卷入是非之中。

109 Minutes