No Time To Die

James Bond now lives a peaceful life in Jamaica after leaving active service. But when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA asks him for help, he is thrown into a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist. This leads him onto the trail of a mysterious villain who possesses dangerous new technology. 从前线退休的007詹姆斯庞德,在牙买加享受着平静的余光,但当他的CIA中央情报局旧友菲利克斯莱特出现,前来向他寻求帮助,这短暂的平静也随之结束。 M派给庞德的任务本是去营救一个被绑架的科学家,但他不只发现他的007位置被一位女性探员取代,更发现他将要面对一个新型态科技犯罪组织,让自己身陷危险之中。这次他要挣扎在玛德琳史旺博士的背叛,以及试图扮演上帝角色的反派萨芬的威胁。

100 Minutes
Thursday, 12 November 2020

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