Marry Poppins Return

In 1935, during the Great Depression era in the United Kingdom, the enigmatic Mary Poppins returns to visit the now grown-up Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael's children - Annabel, Georgie and John - after they suffer a family tragedy that left them numb and joyless. With her magical skills and the help of her friend, Jack, Mary is set on helping the family rediscover the joy and wonder of life. 大萧条时期的伦敦,人心惶惶,处处可见萧瑟寂寥,班克斯一家更是笼罩在低气压之下,三个孩子因为丧亲之痛,忧忧寡欢,父亲麦可班克斯束手无策,就在他几乎失去所有希望的时候,神奇的魔法从天而降,麦可儿时的保姆玛丽包萍惊喜现身!玛丽开朗乐观、充满活力,还有许多古灵精怪的主意,而他的出现,仿佛是一道清新曙光,让低迷许久的麦可和三个孩子,有机会走出阴霾伤痛,找回笑容重新去爱。

141 Minutes

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