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The movie follows a grown up Christopher Robin, who is now a working-class family man. His encounter with his childhood friend Winnie-the-Pooh leads to him rediscovering the joys of life once again. 讲述这位小男孩长大成人后,生活遇上诸般阻滞,令他失去了儿时的想像力和创意。这时他的儿时玩伴Winnie The Pooh和一班好朋友决意再次涉足Christopher的人生,助他找回想像力。

Donnie Yen stars as a high school teacher who may seem ordinary but in actuality has a particular set of skills. When he goes in search of his missing student, he gets into trouble with several mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. His dark past soon comes back to haunt him. 甄子丹扮演在中学教书的陈老师,学生被黑道之类的绑架,老师只得使出甄功夫将他们一一撂倒。

16-year-old Ruby escapes the internment camp that she has been put into after surviving a disease that killed 98% of the children in America. The remaining 2%, including her, have developed superpowers that they cannot control. After escaping, she joins the other survivors to escape the evil clenches of the government 一场突如其来的瘟疫,消灭了美国98%的青少年人口。幸存下来的少数人却从此获得了特殊能力。一群青少年神秘地发展出特殊能力,他们立即被政府视为人类威胁,并受到拘留管束,当中一位能力最强大地少女,十六岁地露碧,找到一个绝佳的机会逃出集中营,并加入一群逃离在外的超能力少年们,共同寻求安全的庇护处,但很快地,他们便发现这个由大人主宰地世界早已背叛他们,逃跑早已不是最好地解决方法,唯独只有运用他们地超能力形成反抗势力,才能避免迫害并拿回未来生活的主导权。

Ma Jin owed debts, and Xiao Xing, a distant cousin, fought at the bottom of the society. He bought habitual lottery tickets in an attempt to explode his wealth and to married his colleague, Shan Shan. One day, all employees of the company went to an island for team building. Later, Ma Jin realized he won the first prize in the lottery ticket. Sixty million! Just as the days when Ma Jin enjoyed happily of his wealth transformed, a sudden big waves broke it all. Everyone who revived found themselves in a desert island and lost all contact with the outside world... 马进(黄渤饰)欠下债务,与远房表弟小兴(张艺兴饰)在底层社会摸爬滚打,习惯性的买彩票,企图一夜爆富,并迎娶自己的同事姗姗(舒淇饰)。一日,公司全体员工出海团建,途中,马进收到了彩票中头奖的信息,六千万!就在马进狂喜自己翻身的日子终于到来之际,一场突如其来的滔天巨浪打破了一切。苏醒过来的众人发现身处荒岛,丧失了一切与外界的联系。在封闭小岛的背景下,失去规则、失去阶级、失去财富的他们呈现出人性百态的浮世绘 。

The crew aboard a deep-sea submersible, which is part of an international undersea observation program, is trapped inside it when it gets attacked by a creature previously thought to be extinct: a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. Expert deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor will have to save the crew but what no one knows is he has faced the creature years before. Now he will have to confront his fears to save everyone trapped below. 讲述国际海底观测计划的一艘深海潜水艇,遭一只早被认为已灭绝的巨型生物袭击。该生物现存活於太平洋最深的海沟底部,而船员正被困在里面。情况分秒必争,深海救援潜水专家Jonas Taylor被一位有远见的中国海洋学家招募,他的女儿Suyin希望可以从这只历史悠久、长75英尺的巨齿鲨的威胁下救回船员和保护海洋。无人能想象的是,原来Taylor多年前便曾遇过这只可怕的巨物。现在他与Suyin合作,并必须面对自身的恐惧和冒着生命危险去拯救被困在海底的每个人,让他再次与史上最庞大的掠夺者正面交锋!

Tom Cruise returns in his starring role as Impossible Missions Force (IMF) agent, Ethan Hunt. In this sixth instalment of the “Mission Impossible” franchise, Cruise is joined by Henry Cavill. 伊森韩特与他的的IMF队员们以及熟悉的盟友,在一项任务执行失败后,与时间赛跑试图力挽狂澜!