The multi-year ICAC investigation into a complicated bribery case is on the brink of collapse, following the disappearance of the mastermind as well as the whistleblower, Jack Hui (played by Nick Cheung) who then went missing. To salvage the case, a top ICAC agent, King Cheung (played by Sean Lau) teams with a fellow investigator, Kong Xue-Yee (played by Karena Lam) who happened to be his estranged wife, then risk their lives to bring the witness back to Hong Kong. Throughout the investigation, the duo then discovered some other hidden agendas of the scandal as well as the under-covered identity of Jack Hui, leading them to find out the utter truth. 香港廉政公署(ICAC)一宗經歷多年調查的嚴重非法行賄案件,審判在即,卻因首要被告棄保潛逃,而唯一的重要人証兼舉報者許植堯(張家輝飾)也同時消失無蹤,導致法庭勒令延審一星期!為了7天后讓案件順利重審,ICAC隨即展開全面行動。負責此案的調查主任陳敬慈(劉青雲飾)和負責尋找證人的江雪兒(林嘉欣飾)原是ICAC一對恩愛夫妻,卻已分居多時,為了案件不得不聯手合作。隨著7天期限日漸逼近,與案件有關的人士相繼離奇遇害,而在尋人的過程當中,兩人也意外發現幕後主腦與許植堯背後隱藏的另一重身份。一個謎團的解開同時又開啟了另一道謎題,在層層煙幕籠罩之下,一宗行賄案背後的陰謀超乎想像,光明之路究竟處在何方?一段風譎雲詭的監蹤實錄隨即開啟!

115 Minutes

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