The Lion King

A live-action musical drama adaptation of Disney's 1994 classic animated film by the same name. It tells of a lion named Simba and his journey of becoming king, which is not an easy path as his uncle has plans of his own to take over the throne. The battle for Pride Rock results in Simba's exile but with help from two newfound friends, he will return for what is rightfully his. 电影改编自迪士尼1994年同名动画。主角为一只名叫辛巴的幼狮,它将从父亲木法沙中继承荣耀石的王位。但在辛巴的叔叔刀疤谋杀木法沙后,辛巴被误导认为自己应对父亲的死负责并开始流亡。在和另外两个流浪者的照顾下,辛巴逐渐成长,最后在儿时好友娜娜和他的萨满拉飞奇的启迪下,重回荣耀石来挑战刀疤以结束他的暴政,并重夺他在「生命的循环」中应有的王位。

100 Minutes
Thursday, 18 July 2019

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